Saturday, May 23, 2015

I Made a Fairy Garden!

This Spring I finally made my own little Fairy Garden! 

It's called Lavender Lookout and in my imagination Lavender the fairy sits on her little bench overlooking the ocean.

I have wanted to do a miniature garden for years, and what stopped me was that all the larger flat containers I could find were way expensive.  Finally it occurred to me that--duh--simpler is better: use what you have, Michelle!  

So I took this pot that broke when some little hooligan I know ran his bike into it--and I used retaining fences and plants to prevent erosion.  I ended up loving it so much for its uniqueness and that's what I really wanted to share with you.  Don't be stopped from pursuing that next project because you don't have the "perfect" solution!  See what you have and get creative--you might end up loving it even more than what you originally had in mind!

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