Monday, March 16, 2015

Kitchen Reno Plans

Hello My Dears!

When 2015 got under way I made a list of my goals for the year and it had about a zillion items on it.  At least 30, which felt like a zillion.  For a couple of weeks I kept thinking "okay what can I do from the list?" until the list itself became the priority and it started making me nuts.  So I made a new list, and it only had five items on it.  I instantly felt so much better!

One of those five goals for 2015 is to finish our kitchen renovation.  When we moved in almost two years ago, we felt blessed that the previous owners had updated the kitchen.  They put in granite counters, new stainless appliance, and painted the cabinets white.  I have always dreamed of a white kitchen (See, e.g., "My Future White Kitchen" board on Pinterest).  However, this reno was only about 80% finished in my book, and now I'm ready to tackle the rest.

The view from the Breakfast Nook
The Breakfast Nook
The "Mud Room," looking more or less as it did the last time you saw it, minus a "J" which our puppy removed from a tag.
So here are the things that need doing:

Paint the trim white (Benjamin Moore White Dove)
It is going to look so much better with white trim!  I am leaving the wood trim up in my family room, but now the kitchen will match the trim in the dining room, so yay!

Paint the walls (Sherwin Williams Sedate Gray)
This is a great light gray that is already making me happy in my upstairs hallway.  Love it!
Paint Color SW 6169 Sedate Gray from Sherwin-Williams
Photo: Sherwin Williams
Install new light fixtures
The cheap track lighting above the island has to go.  I am thinking something like this (I'd do three):

Photo: West Elm
Install a Backsplash?
What do you I need one?

Add personality to the walls
On this last point I have been really stuck.  I think I am doing a huge chalkboard on that blank wall in the dining nook, but what to do on this weird wall next to all the doors to other rooms?

Luckily I recently discovered the Minted Art Marketplace, and y'all. I was floored by the incredible variety of options for both artwork and framing.  I have used Minted for cards before and have always been impressed with their quality, but the art at Minted was a new one for me and now I can't stop browsing!  Here are a few options--you have to tell me, which one would you choose?
Photo: Minted

Photo: Minted

Photo: Minted

Photo: Minted

Photo: Minted

Photo: Minted

I'm kind of all over the place in terms of style--I admit to being a little overwhelmed by all the options!  I've even thought about going with family photos and doing a customizable print like this:

Photo: Screen Shot of this customizable photo art at Minted

Or a foil print, oh the foil prints!  So pretty!  I think they have every state too, and many cities as well.
Photo: Minted

So, what's your vote?  There are so many more over at Minted (I haven't even scratched the surface) so if you hop over there and see one I should consider, let me know that too!  I noticed they have 15% off everything through today, so that's fun!

 photo e0bcbc63-97e4-4f3b-adae-03bfc854ae09_zpsb8a65301.jpg
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  1. What a fun project! Yes, I do think you should do a backsplash. If you like the white kitchen look, maybe a glossy white subway tile? I see that in a lot of houses now and it looks really nice with certain looks. You could also go a pale gray if you want to pull in the wall colors. Artwork? I'm not as much of a help. I like the foil NC state print. I like family photos, in various frames, lining hallways. In the kitchen, I like vintage cafe pictures. That might not be your thing, but I find them inviting.

    1. Katelyn, LOVE your feedback--thank you! I also love white subway tile--it is so classic that I feel like I would never get tired of it. I was thinking about doing a vintage-y cafe sign of some sort above the window over the sink which I just realized you can't see in any of my pictures! Hmmm--next post maybe:)


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