Monday, April 28, 2014

Summer Travelin' Made Easier with Scorebig

Every summer for the last few years my husband and I have dropped our kids off at the "Farm," (their grandparents' house), and taken off for a week or so to attend his annual work conference.  Work for him, vacation for me, awesome.  We've been to D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia and this year we're heading to Denver.

And everywhere we go, we hit the ballpark for a game.

Chicago Highlight: when our friend Dave bit into his brat and juice squirted all over the back of the meat-head in front of us.  Fortunately, he was a friendly meat-head.
The hubs is a huge sports fan and I'm a huge chillin'-on-a-pretty-day-with-a-beer-and-no-kids fan.  It's a win-win.  So as we plan for this year's trip I was so excited to learn about Scorebig, have you heard about it?  They offered me a gift certificate to try out their website.  Man, am I glad!  The website was super easy to use and has a huge selection of tickets.

So how it works is Scorebig allows you to bid on tickets to major sporting events, concerts and other events.  You name your price and then your offer is immediately accepted or declined.  Our first offer was declined, but with a counter-offer for just a few bucks more.  In every case the tickets are cheaper than buying through the traditional box office.  Y'all know I love to save money.

Even better, we were able to score club-level tickets to the Rockies game, which are no longer available through the Rockies website.  To summarize, we bought tickets that aren't available anywhere else, and we saved money doing it!
Can't wait to enjoy this game!

Interested?  You can check out all the events in your area (or wherever your travelin' feet may roam this summer) by clicking right here.

P.S. This post is sponsored by Scorebig, however the opinions are mine, all mine.

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  1. Good for you going away for few days with your hubs, (cute guy), have fun at that game. I've never been to even a Grand Junction Rockies game. We'd like to someday. Congrats on getting great tickets to that game. Imagine your kids are tickled all to pieces about getting to spend few days with grand parents. Fun all around for everybody. Have wonderful time. Happy week


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