Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pinspiration Thursday No. 8

Heya friends!  It's Pinspiration Thursday, woo-hoo!

But FIRST I have some serious praises for you. Since I was here a week ago sharing all my trials and tribulations, I gotta also be good about sharing the great things God is doing.  We got news from Hubs's doctor on Monday: MRI results came back showing he did NOT tear his ACL!  The doctor changed the diagnosis to hyperextension and a bone bruise: painful and requires rest, but no surgery!!!!!  I am delighted and awed by the creative way the Lord has of answering prayers.  Prayers of provision, the answers to which I thought I could imagine, were answered in a completely unexpected way. We are of course totally psyched by the prognosis here, but also humbled by His refuge and mercies.  Just, WOW.

Okay, moving on...

Sometimes it is the simple things.  Actually it is very often the simple things, right? Since the floor of my Swagger Wagon is routinely covered in trash, this pin caught my eye as I was scrolling through my Organizing and Keeping Home pin the other day:

DIY trash can with a plastic cereal box #organization
Photo: Organize & Inspire
What a simple solution, right?  So I quickly added "cereal tupperware" to my Target list (or y'all know I'll forget it).  Then I was all like, "Hey wait...I have one of those in the tupperware cabinet already!  And I also have some little plastic bags!  I can totally do this for ZERO DOLLARS."  Then my eyes spun around in my head due to all the frugal excitement.

And then I ran all about and did my thing, and here, ladies and gents, is my handy new trash can:

Lovin' it already!  I really thought about doing a more "crafty" post for y'all this week.  I have been working on my Spring Mantel, made a Cat in the Hat costume, and of course been experimenting with good real food.  However, I have also been totally obsessed with some of this...

...and I gotta get back to it now!  Can't wait to show it to you as soon as possible!

Lots of love!


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