Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pinspiration Thursday No. 10: Party On Boys

Hello darling!  How are you doing?

My baby turns 5 this Saturday, and oh my, that fact is just freakin' me out!!  I vaguely remember getting all choked up when Biggest turned 5, but this time is worse.  It's my BABY.  And he is turning FIVE.

How can this boy be five years old?  Sigh.
So anyway, y'all know what happens when one of the boys has a birthday party coming, up, right?  I go into crafty overdrive and become all-consumed with the theme and fall in love with it and get insane.  I think it distracts me from the bittersweet emotional sinkhole of watching my boys grow.  It happened with our Arctic Birthday Blast, and with Pirates and Star Wars, and a few others that never even made the blog. Therefore, this week I am going nuts over Hotwheels.

If you visit my Party On Boys board, you will see several ideas I've pinned, but what has come out has been just an amalgam of all those ideas, so I am having trouble attributing anything specifically to one single pin. But here are a few things I am working on for this weekend:

My water bottles are getting in the mood!
Goody bags ready to go!

All Access Pit Passes for all the kids.  And me, because I like to party, too.
Actually, for this last one I was totally inspired by Renee's Soirees:

Photo: Renee's Soirees
So, needless to say, that's all I have been up to this week.  Can't wait for the party and to celebrate my little big boy!


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