Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pinspiration Thursday No. 5

Hey my lovely peeps!

I've got another crafty Pinspiration Thursday for ya this week, straight from my Cute Crafts Board to you! Here was my original pin (from Jones Design Company, which is a blog I just love by the way):

Photo: Jones Design Company is the Before & After on my light switch, which I took from *the essence of drab* to totally FAB in about 15 minutes:

I don't even mind the yellowed switch-y thing as much, with the new "do."  Do you see the way the screws line up with the design in the paper?  What in the world?  Total accident, I swear.

This switch lives in my laundry room, which will be getting an overhaul someday.  It's a sad little room with tons of potential, and this little light switch cover just gave me hope for its future!  So, what have you been pinning lately?


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