Monday, December 9, 2013

Why? It's Just Time.

Hi friends!

You will be seeing a few changes around here pretty soon and I wanted to give you a heads-up, because if you have been here a while you will probably notice!  I have decided it is time to start advertising on my little blog, and here is the reason why:

In the last month my little blog has received more than 21,000 pageviews, according to google analytics.  I am receiving daily emails and frequent comments on one post in particular: the Lego Play Table.  This post has developed an internet life of its own, and I am so thrilled that what worked for me is also inspiring so many of you!

So, with this much interest and traffic, I decided that my goal of selling advertising space on this blog has become achievable.  You will soon see ads on my blog, and I am also offering space for sponsors--I am especially interested in mommy-run businesses!  Rest assured, my commitment to high-quality writing and creative content isn't going anywhere.  Thanks for your support dear peeps!



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