Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My New Solar Pathway Lights!

Before I went to Belgium, I was approached by YesComUSA to review one of their products.  They are an online superstore which sells novelty and outdoor products, so seeing as how I just moved in and my 'hood is a little dark, I asked them to send me these cute pathway lights:

12x Solar White Outdoor Path Landscape Light Copper

They arrived really quickly, and the packaging was very secure:

All the lights worked and I got them installed very easily simply by pressing the stakes into the ground.  I love the way they look (if you don't love copper, they also come in a silver finish), and I love the white light they put off at night.  

At first I was a little concerned about whether they would be sturdy, because the copper tube seems pretty thin.  However, the very first day after I installed them, one of them was ripped up (I guess a dog ran by or something).  The parts were scattered all over and I thought for sure that was that.  But I put it back together, the light is still working, and it didn't so much as have a mark on it, so that sucker was sturdier than I thought!  They've been in the ground for about three weeks now and look as good as they did the first day, so I'm happy.  You can get your own right here!  


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  1. How nice to get something free so useful that looks so nice. Love them. Glad for you.
    We have a security light up on a pole in front of our house and it works really well to illuminate our yards and some of neighbors close by. It's worth the $7 a month to have it. Sometimes we go off earlier in day so won't think about turning light on and it's dark when we come home. Feel much better coming home to light on yards. We live out in country but it's a small residential street with few houses not too close to each other.
    Happy Thanksgiving.


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