Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We Have a Couch!

Words I would use to describe the new couch: Comfortable. Solid. Heavy. Classic. Dirty. Stained. Desperate.

Can I get a Ewwww???????  Yeah, that's so gross.

I found this couch at a yard sale on Saturday, and it was just desperate for a new home to take it in, treat it right and replace the yucky old upholstery. Which I will do as soon as I get two nickels to rub together.

So, dreaming of new upholstery, care to dream with me?

Robert Allen Darcy Stripe Chocolate  Portfolio Lanvin Linen
Portfolio Timuri Seashore  Robert Allen Desert View Lime
Robert Allen @ Home Baja Stripe Turquoise  Valdese Font Linen
Swavelle / Mill Creek Taraz Spring  Robert Allen @ Home Bernamont Rr Khaki

Less than two weeks to go until move-in day!


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