Friday, March 9, 2012

Ya Gotta Check these Ladies Out!

Well sweeties, my Faux Zinc Table has been getting some attention this week, and wow, I am so thankful!

Meg at Nutmeg Place featured my "zinc" table on her Showoff Saturday this morning!  Thanks Meg!

Lauren at West Furniture Revival featured my table AND my gilt chair, woot!

Alternative Name

Ya gotta check out her awesome furniture projects...girl's got it goin' on.

And Stephanie at New Again honored me with the Liebster Blog Award, which is a sweet little award for smaller (still growing!) blogs:)


Thanks Stephanie!  So, I am passing this award on to these three awesome ladies!  Please go check out their fabulous blogs!

Now listen, I am not particular about y'all following rules around here, but if you care to pass this award along, please do so to 3-5 other blogs with 200 or fewer followers.  Thanks!



  1. Thank you so much for the award!!! I love it! I will pass it on to some bloggers that I love! Thanks!!!

  2. I also told my facebook followers to come check out your blog!!


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