Friday, March 23, 2012

My Cheery Spring Mantel and a Topiary Tute

Happy Spring!  Now that we're officially in the season of new life and rainy days and pollen and blooming things, I'm ready to share my Spring Mantel.

I wanted something that could transcend seasons, so I assembled a colorful display with some touches of Spring that can easily be switched out for seashells in a couple of months:

My new subway art is stealing this show.  It lists all the places my hubs and I have lived  together (current address bleeped out).  We didn't know each other when both lived in Fairfax, but it still counts;) 
The long view shows off my new fireplace screen, too.  I was tired of worrying about a boy faceplanting on that hot glass.  Now he'll just faceplant into some sharp wrought iron. 

As for my touches of Spring, I have  a sweet little nest in my cloche:

Split peas for St. Pattie's Day in my candle-holder:

 And moss galore, including my little egg-shaped moss topiaries:

Speaking of which, I made these sweeties in about 10 minutes, want to know how?

Supplies: styrofoam/plastic eggs, sheet moss, floral foam (all from Dollar Tree), embellishment such as my green ribbon, skewers (mine are painted champagne from a prior project), cute little pots and hot glue.
Pop some floral foam in your pots, and attach your skewers to your eggs.  My eggs had a very hard plastic surface so I had to pierce them with a sharp object first.  Use extreme caution, please!  Then comes the fun part: pulling apart the sheet moss into small chunks:

...and just glueing them on.  Its fun 'cause its like a puzzle.  And maybe that's just me, but that's fun.  Wild times, indeed.

A little ribbon, and there ya go!  Vaguely egg-shaped moss topiaries for Spring!

Thanks for stopping by and checkin' me out today!


  1. That is so pretty, Michelle! I think I may be borrowing a couple ideas when I redo my mantle.

  2. My FAVE mantel yet!! The split peas are ingenious!!

  3. That's so pretty. Love the subway art!
    I really don't have the design ambition to make such a great mantel, let alone change it up seasonally. Love it.

  4. Where did you get the subway art with all the places you and your husband have lived? Did you make it? I REALLY would love this for our home.

    1. Allyson, thanks for checking in! Yes, I made the subway art using the same technique I used for the Family Rules subway art I made for a friend recently. You can see my post on it (with links to tutorials) here:




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