Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mirror, Mirror: Before and After

Y'all know I have been working on my Dining Room (next up: painting the walls).

One little project I did for this room was to customize a mirror I got for half-off at Hobby Lobby.

I actually liked the black finish, but it lacked the "pop" I wanted in here, and I had visualized something shiny, so I decided to make it so:

Please disregard the patched-up holes in the I said, painting soon!

All I did was paint it using a dry paintbrush, dipped into metallic acrylic paints (FolkArt Metallic Sahara Gold and FolkArt Metallic Taupe).  I used a combination of the two paint colors with each coat of paint, doing about three coats total.

I didn't bother taping it off, and discovered that a plastic knife wrapped in a paper towel will scrape dried paint off the mirror, easy breezy.

Maybe you've noticed...I just love painting things.  What have you painted lately?


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  1. I cannot get over how GREAT that looks!! Good call on the paint! And....what color is that on the wall?!

  2. great job love the after, it makes the piece stand out more!


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