Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Christmas Home

Hey y'all!  Merry Christmas!  Just popping in to share a few pics from around the house...and let's start with the mantel, shall we?

Our "family" Christmas tree (i.e. the colorful one) is right here next to the fireplace, and this year I added a bunch of red ribbon.  I love how the red pops against my blue drapes.

Our ancient tree-topper is a cross, which broke this year.  My son insisted it still go up, so it is kind of leaning and propped up by all that ribbon, but at least it's up there!

I am so in love with red and aqua this year that I spent hours and hours making my Silhouette advent calender in those colors:

(Please disregard the fact that I took this picture after certain days had been poked, prodded, and untied.  Bad blogger!)
And opposite the fireplace, a white and turquoise vignette featuring my sweet peacock as well as this printable from Jones Design Company.

On the coffee table I collected my mercury glass and threw some random garland on there in a big jumble, easy peasy.

Elsewhere, I go more gold, including in the dining room and for my Second Annual Mommy Tree, which also features pheasant feathers and pinecones in a rustic contrast with all that glitz:

And there you have it!  I love everything about Christmas, and the decorations are just the smallest part of it, but aren't they fun?  If I can get my act together, I will show you some more fun soon.  Some fun which all started like this:

And now you know how I've been spending my time:)


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  1. Your house looks beautiful! Good to see you blogging again...have missed it! Merry merry!!


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