Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Nesting? Sorta.

So, yeah, our house is still on the market.  It's been two months and I am super anxious to sell, but maintaining a holding pattern in the meantime.  As I felt Fall approaching this year, I have been reluctant to confront the fact that I would be nesting for the change of seasons, still in my current house.

Then I decided to go for it.  Can't be Summer forever!  So when I discovered I had already packed up my Fall decor...and that the box is either mislabeled or irretrievably buried in the garage...and therefore I have no Fall decor...well, that was a major bummer.

So this year's Fall decor is...let's say...spare.  Spartan.  Minimal.  I made a wreath from simple stuff on sale at the craft store.

Doesn't it look awesome with my attractive lock-box?

I also "decorated" my chalkboard pot and had my son find me enough acorns to use as a filler on a candle.

And I threw together this mantel from the leftovers of my wreath project and a few candles.

Yes, I am virtually unchanged from Summer.  Still with the old window.  Still with the sticks.
Like I said, minimal.  It's okay, though.  I am kind of digging how easy it all was.  And I will more than make up for it next Fall, when my new house will be covered with pumpkins from August-November!


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