Friday, July 22, 2011

My Musical Window and a Giveaway!

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was going to turn my Dining Room into a Music Room. Then I put my house on the market and it promptly turned back into a Dining Room.  Boo!  The Music Room will have to wait...but some of the decor has found a home elsewhere, including this old window which is now strutting its stuff on the mantel.

The Snowball Song, also known as "Mahna Mahna."  We love this song!
I bought this window for ten bucks at an antique show several months ago.  Cleaning the thing was the hardest part!  Once I got all the dirt and wasp's nests and dust off, I decorated it with sheet music for six songs that are meaningful to my family.  I found the music online and printed it onto heavy paper.  Sheet music for specific songs can be tricky to find, but one great resource I stumbled upon is here.  I then layered the music on top of blue cardstock, and simply taped the pages into the window.  So easy.

Sonatina, a.k.a. the Little Bear theme song.
I also used our Recessional song from our wedding (Joy to the World), our first dance (All the Way by Frank Sinatra), and a couple of songs that remind me of dating my Hubs back in the day.  Good stuff.

Do you have an old window hanging around?  How do you use yours?


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  1. You combined two of my favorite things... old windows and sheet music!! Looks awesome!

  2. what a neat idea! looks great!


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