Friday, June 3, 2011

My Little Farmers

This week is Farms Week in my house, and we've been having so much fun with it.  Biggest helped me track down all our farm-themed books, games, and toys and at one point said, "Mommy, I love Farms Week!"  It makes me so happy I decided to do weekly themes again this summer.

The highlight of the week was going to a local farm to pick our own strawberries.
Hard at work!

I think he was equally proud of his strawberries and having
a blue circle painted on his face!
We had so much fun, in spite of the scorching heat.  Scorching heat, it should be said, at 10:00 in the morning.  On the last day of May.  I know some of you live where it doesn't feel like August in Miami.  I might need to come visit.

In the meantime, we're moving on to Trains next week!  Woot woot!


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  1. That is so funny. We literally JUST came back from strawberry picking this morning & here you are posting about it. Did you get a lot? We got 7 quarts, I'm hoping it will be enough for me to can some jam or syrup after the kids get their fill. :)


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