Friday, May 27, 2011

Try Try Again

What's that they say about giving a new food to a baby?  You have to try 12 times before they really taste it?  Or 14 times before they'll like it?  Whatevs.  I have been "presenting healthy food" for four years, with nothing to show for it except enough wasted food to feed a continent.

That is, until yesterday.  For FOUR YEARS the only chicken Biggest didn't gag on was a Dino Buddy.  Or a Chick Fil-A nugget.  Every other bit of poultry he ate launched him into fits of spastic heaving.

Until I made Chicken Curry.  You heard me right, chicken curry.  First he tried it.  Then he asked for seconds, then thirds.  Until we ran out.  It was amazing.

Photo: Life's Ambrosia
So, moms of picky eaters, there is hope!!!  I can't believe it, but they might eat something someday besides plain toast and applesauce!!!  Hallelujah!!!


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