Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Funnies (Barely Keeping Sane Edition)

Friday was an interesting day.  After a week or so of our baby "sleeping in" until 6:30, he reverted last week to his normal 5:15-5:30ish wake-up time.  On Thursday night he also added in multiple wakings.  What is that?  So Friday morning, in a fit of misguided decision-making, I decided it would be smart to go to both BJ's and the grocery store.  Admittedly, I was using the grocery-store drive-thru, but still.

Turns out it was one of those days when everything seems to take for-evah.  The kids were screaming like maniacs, I was causing extreme inconvenience to everyone I encountered, and I even needed a random man's help to lift a box into my car at BJ's.  Then we pull up to the grocery drive-thru (we are literally 10 minutes from home by this point) and Biggest announces he needs to potty and no, he cannot hold it.  Sigh.  In this manner we finally finish our big trip, whereupon it takes me several hours to unload and organize everything.  I managed to feed the boys and get them into Nap Time and Quiet Time, respectively.

So, when I heard Biggest whisper-shouting to me from the top of the stairs I had one of those moments I sometimes have.  The ones I am not proud of.  The ones where I feel rage, actual rage, that someone is disobeying a rule.  I sighed loudly and went to the bottom of the stairs, and go, "What is it?"

He is standing there with his pants around his ankles, and starts enthusiastically telling me he saw a garbage truck from the bathroom window, as if this is the biggest news in the history of everything.  "And do you know, Mommy, Mommy, do you know HOW it picks up the trashcan???"  My fury is slowly abating, and I manage to hold my tongue.  We have watched the garbage truck 15 bazillion times in his life, so I have a clue.  Then he says, "It has this HUGE claw!  And it goes like this!"  Whereupon he starts imitating a garbage truck dumping a trashcan.  He is still nude from the waist down.  And I am standing on the bottom step watching him, and it is funnier than I could ever describe in words.

And that's how my fury turned into my Funnies.  Thank God.


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