Friday, April 8, 2011

Is Simpler Really Better?

This picture of limes is 100% unrelated to this post.

This week was the last week in Simple Mom's Project Simplify series, which I have loved.  Each Monday morning I've checked her blog in anticipation of that week's "Hot Spot."  I was really excited when she announced that this week's Hot Spot was "Choose Your Own!"

So...which spot did I choose?  Was it my crazed laundry room?  My over-stuffed coat closet?  My insane tupperware cabinet?  What...Did...That...Mommy...Do???

I flailed, that's what I did.  I did NOTHING!  And I have no explanation really except that it just wasn't that simple.

Since I chose my motto for this year, "Simpler is Better," I've been trying to make decisions that encourage simplicity for me and my family.  However, you know I have two main goals--simple and frugal, and lately they aren't playing nice.

These bins were both simple and frugal:

But these curtains...

...well, they were frugal but they were anything but simple.  Simple would have been going online and ordering from Ballard.  Frugal demanded that I couldn't do that.

In fact, I have found that it takes a lot of effort and some amount of money to simplify, at least when you are starting out.  It takes so much time to clean out a closet, a pantry, or kids' toys.  It take way more time to sell things you don't need than to stuff them into an already jam-packed closet, attic, basement, garage, etc.

I'm not complaining about trying to simplify, because I do think it is well worth the effort.  What I am saying is sometimes I hit my limit.  This week I just couldn't scrape together the energy to simplify anything!  Just keepin' it real.  How about you find it is hard to balance simple with frugal?  How do you make it work?



  1. You did not fail. Think of it as you chose to simplify your schedule so that you had one less thing on your plate. ;)

  2. I love when bloggers keep it real.

    Where did you get that gate around your fireplace? My 7 month old will be crawling (eventually) and I need something to go around the entertainment center.

    jenfur427 at hotmail dot com

  3. Well, said. In fact, if I could pay someone to clean out my drawers and closets, I would!

  4. Yeah, simple isn't always easy. One of my paradoxes.

  5. Definietly trying to simplify over here, but it is anything but easy!! Thanks for keepin' it real for us!!!

  6. Simplifying comes naturally for me, I am a purger. I don't shop at expensive places- expensive for me is Target. I find re-purposing more of a challenge!


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