Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Funnies

This Sunday's Funnies come courtesy of a four-year old's sense of propriety.  Which is nonexistent.  Which is to say, I have been humiliated by my child.  We were getting out of the car at good old Target.  About three cars over there was an older woman loading her bags into her car.  All was well.

Then Biggest says, at top volume (is there any other way?), "Wow, that woman looks very OLD to me!"

I quickly look over to see if she heard, and see that she is either a little hard of hearing or tactfully ignoring us.  I immediately turn red and whisper-shout, "Shhh!  We don't talk about how people look!"

And he says, "But MOM, she does look very, VERY, VERY OLD!"

At that moment I resolved that if I ever am the target of a comment like that, I'll just smile and say "Kids say the darndest things!"  I certainly won't think the child is a heathen being raised by an irresponsible and morally corrupt jerk of a mother.  Will I?


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