Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Funnies

The other day all four of us were playing board games.  Since Little Boo thinks board games are actually "grab everything you see and make a nuisance of yourself games," I was spending pretty much all my time deterring him.  Pulling him off the board, giving him his own game pieces to eat, that kind of thing.

So what did he do?  Smacked Mommy on the top of her head, that's what.  Hubs just got done saying, "He just smacked you on the top of your head!" when the little guy smacked Daddy on top of his head.

So I put on my serious face and said, "Oh, Little, we do not hit our family.  It is not nice."  Daddy said, "Say sorry, please."

So Little said, "Sorry Mommy!"

Then he said, "Sorry Daddy!"

Then he turned, smacked his brother on the top of his head, and shouted happily, "Sorry bwuhther!"

So much for lessons learned.



  1. Awe. Those moments can be frustrating at the time, but they sure are funny to look back on.

    This week at our house it was my four year old saying "Hold your balls. Thank you, thank you." I had to explain that the expression is actually "hold your applause."

  2. The hard part is not laughing while trying to teach them these important lessons! They are just so dang cute!!!

  3. @Stephanie--I rolled when I read your comment, and Hubs did too. So funny!!!


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