Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Family's Newish Hangout

Welcome to my spruced-up Family Room!  This has been my major project for months now.  When you are painting a room this size (trim and walls)...then sewing six lined curtain panels...and you're working on it in intervals ranging from 20 minutes to an hour...yeah, it takes a while.  But I am "done" enough now to show you some pics, and I am excited!

Here's the Before (previous owners, although that is my Hubs checkin' it all out):

Note the yellowish trim and the gray, gray walls.

Gray, gray gray.  Apparently I really didn't like this room because I could not find a single decent picture of it taken since we've moved in.

And here's the After:

Paint and curtains...what a big difference those two things can make!  I love that my room feels way more like "me" with this new paint, and I really love the way the curtains soften the space and give it a completed feel.

Another thing I am loving?  Having decorative items on my coffee table.  I haven't had anything but tissues and a breast pump on that table since January of '07, so I am thrilled my boys are finally able to keep their hands off something like this.  Plus, having it on a tray means I can move it in a heartbeat when I need to.

Isn't my little chalkboard pot so sweet?  Love it!

A closer view of my whimsical, ephemera-filled mantel.  I've just been having fun injecting some color and randomness in the room.

The paint color is a true greige...a medium-toned, warm gray that never appears pink, green, or gold.  Here's a view of the entry into this room, so you can see more painted walls:

The last time we talked, I showed you my inspiration room and talked about painting my room the same color (Pismo Dunes by Benjamin Moore).  Turns out, that beautiful beige turns totally pink in my house.  After trying almost 20 different beige colors I ended up mixing the color I wanted and getting Sherwin-Williams to match it.  If you would like to experience "That Mommy Greige" you can ask them to mix some up for you, using this formula:

If you use it, let me know how you like it!



  1. It looks FABULOUS!! I can't believe how much the curtains warm up the space too. You did a wonderful job!!

  2. as a Designer by profession I give you 2 Big Thumbs Up! beautiful room!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours! It is lovely and I adore your decorating style and colors scheme. I am happily your newest follower!

  4. I love the pillows on the chairs too! Gives the room a nice touch! :)

  5. Looks the fact that you made your own paint it more beige or grey...I really can't tell in the pics, but I do love it!!!! Curtains, pillows and all the nice touches work well together!!! Congrats!


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