Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beautiful Before and After

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Remember waaaay back when I told you all about my friend Jessica and her amazing ability to be inspired by fabric?  Well, she's all tucked into her new home and you've got to see this! Here's her inspiration fabric for her new bedroom:

Pretty gorgeous, right?

And here's the Before picture of what her bedroom looked like under the previous owners of her house:

Here's her beautiful and serene After:

Hello gorgeous!

Jessica went with subdued, neutral colors with hints of the blues and grays you see in the fabric.  Her new white wainscoting is such a pretty backdrop to that gorgeous bed.  Here's a closer look:

Notice the headboard--it is natural linen with a nailhead trim.  Jessica and I worked on that one together using the tutorial from Isabella & Max Rooms, although Jessica certainly did the lion's share of the work nailing each and every nail in!  I think it turned out great, and for much cheaper than she could have bought one.

The bedside table.

Does this girl have great taste or what?  She also used beautiful fabrics to update two chairs in her living room:

This one is near and dear to my heart since we found it at an antiques store together.  She tore off  the old upholstery herself and painted it, then had an upholsterer do the rest.  And check out this old armchair:

Hope you're inspired by Jessica's beautiful fabric-inspired decorating...I know I am!



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