Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Last week we had one warm-ish day in a looong stretch of frigid.   I took the boys to the playground and Biggest Boy befriended a group of older boys playing together.  After a while the older boys started pretending to be some superheros I've never heard of.  Apparently I am too old and BB is too young for us to know this game yet, but that didn't stop Biggest.

He jumps right in and says, "I'll be Fire Hero!"

So the oldest boy there (who was really very sweet) says, "No, you're not old enough to play this game."

Biggest pauses just a second and loudly proclaims, "Well, I am still really awesome though!" The other boy was rendered completely speechless, and some random woman walking her dog laughed out loud.

Meanwhile, it made me think maybe I can give the praise and accolades just a wee bit of a rest. Because while he is Really Awesome, it's probably not that cool to make a habit of pronouncing his awesomeness in the public square.  On the other hand, his Dad does want him to be a pro athlete.  Maybe I oughtta keep this thing going, you know, teach him to dress up like Muhammed Ali and shout "I am the greatest!"  Then see what they think at the playground.

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