Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Live with a Pack of Wolves

Accordingly, I have said all of these things in the last three days:

"Yucky!  We don't eat trash cans."

"Please stop licking the bench."  This said at the public play area at the mall.  Gross.

"Stop shooting your brother with a grappling hook!"

"Take your face out of the potty!"

"Why are you eating my pillow?"

"It's not nice to hit Mommy in the face with a sword."  "It just isn't, that's why."

"No tackling on hardwood floors."

"No bite!  No BITE!  NO BITE!!!"


  1. That's hilarious. Honestly laughed out loud for a while. I've said a few of those to my daughter already. It's good to know all kids seem a little, um, closer to animals then civilized people at times; it's not just mine.

  2. Lori, I know! I should!
    Brittany, yes, they are definitely closer to animals! Since I wrote this I have had to shake my head and think "pack of wolves" a dozen more times!


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