Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Remember how on Monday I told you I was heading right out for a paint sample?  I also had plans to write some clever posts and actually function as a human.  Yeah...not so much. Instead I spent the morning at the pediatrician's office due to Littlest Boo's third ear infection in the last six weeks...then to Target to fill his prescription...then back home to try and feed and medicate and get a nap for his little feverish self...

...followed by Monday afternoon which can be summed up like this: "Up!"  That's all I heard for five straight hours.  Usually in a whiny shout.  And for those five hours I walked around holding that giant baby on my hip.  Well, apparently my body wasn't informed that we still need to do such things sometimes, because when I woke up Tuesday morning I was having excruciating back spasms and could barely stand.  There would be no five hours of "up!" yesterday.  However, there was also no crafty stuff and no writing, clever or otherwise, for the past two days.

Incidentally, a similar thing happened to me last week, when I was sidelined by a visual migraine followed by two straight days of a throbbing headache.  Have you ever had a visual migraine?  It felt like I had just looked into the sun while 100 paparazzi inexplicably shot my picture at exactly the same time.  Freaky.  So, again, not exactly getting around to my "to do" list.

But that's motherhood, and I feel like these last two weeks have been a jolly good reminder that I can only expect so much of myself.  I may have a huge list of things I must do (wipe noses and bottoms) and things I should do (cook dinner) and things I want to do (go AGAIN to Benjamin Moore) and things it would be amazing to do (sit quietly for 3 minutes in a row). But the Mommy job description includes the requirement that a Mommy "must be able to gracefully ditch all her plans in case of a child's urgent needs or her own partial physical shut-down."

Got it, plans ditched.  Not so gracefully, but maybe I'll get there someday.  As soon as I can stand up again.


  1. I understand this all too well. I love how you divided up your "To Do" list into MUST, SHOULD, WANT & AMAZING! That really puts things into perspective. Being a full-time mom has got to be the toughest job on this planet! We had a first this morning...Kaleb threw up because he was having hunger pains. He said daddy forgot to give him a bowl of cereal before bedtime last night. (I was out on a girls night out.) In the midst of the caos, I just had to laugh out loud...mommyhood really is an adventure! Well, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading you blogs, keep up the awesome work! Of course, make sure you are taking care of the MUST & SHOULDS first : ) Blessings!

  2. Awww, hope your kiddos are feeling better. Thanks for your comment today. What have you been doing to deal with night terrors? And the teething - yuck. Hugs for a better weekend for you :)


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