Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gettin' Spooky Wit' It

Yeah, sorry about the title of this post.  All I can come up with is cheesy spoofs of rap songs.  At least I didn't call it "It's Getting Spooky In Here, So Hang Up All Your Ghosts."  Aaaaanyway, did y'all see these cute ghosts in this October's Country Living?

Photo: Country Living

Can ghosts be cute?  Well, if they can, these are cutie-pies.  I followed their instructions extremely closely, and set up my little ghost-making station by taping two cups together and topping them with small balloons.

Does anyone else have trouble blowing up balloons?
Only the screech of my toddler desperate for a balloon could make me do it.  Weird.

I then used 8-inch squares of cheesecloth (I used a double layer) and dipped them in the fabric stiffener, then draped them over my balloons.  The fabric stiffener was really too thick and you should dilute it quite a bit if you want these guys to dry in less than six hours.

While they took up real estate on my counter all day, I cut out small felt eyes and mouths, then glued them on with craft glue when the ghosties were finally dry and removed from their balloon molds.  To hang, I decided it was much easier to tie fishing line around a bead rather than through their heads.  I just tied a bead on one end like so:

...then threaded the other end through the ghost's head, such that the bead prevents the fishing line from slipping through.  Tied them up to my light fixture, and voila!  Ghost-abulous.

I think they are adorable!

Or are they creepy?  You be the judge.

"I'm cute, not creepy!"  Ms. Pacman told me so!

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  1. these ghosts are soooo cute. i might have to try them. thanks for sharing


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