Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keeping My Cool

Everyone I talk to is sweating, and everyone I read in bloggyland is talking about how much they're sweating.  I'm with ya.  It is no fun choosing between A) man-eating mosquitoes and insta-sweat the moment I step outside or B) involuntary commitment after one more day of being cooped up with two hyperactive boys.

So, I've been on a Summer-long quest to find indoor activities that don't make me want to stab myself in the eye.  Seriously, I can only take so many trips to the play-place at the mall.  And as for taking the boys to the pool--well, I can think of better ways to get some exercise than donning a tankini and running after a chubby baby with a death-wish and an affinity for the deep end.   Sooooo, I recently braved a trip to this huge antiques mall over in Concord, NC.

The Depot at Gibson Mill: "The Largest Antique and Designer Mall in the South"
Their other motto is: "We Just Love Your Grabby Kids!"

I expected to have to shout "no-touch!" no less than a zillion times, but after I gave Biggest Boy his Secret Mission (finding soapbox derby cars), he coincidentally stopped flinging heavy objects, casually toying with antique glassware, and offering chippy painted objets-d'art to the baby for a snack.

Plus, I got to see some GREAT stuff, like these adorable vignettes:

Some drool-worthy rustic treasures:

Loooove these!

I don't know what it is but I kinda want it.

It might have toxic lead, but at least its super cute.
Old ceiling tiles--I am seriously in love.

This little jaunt was especially successful because I refrained from actually buying anything.  That way I can pat myself on the back for finding "Free Summer Entertainment!"  Also, I find that "shopping" with my camera is almost as fulfilling as actually spending money.  Although I do kinda wish I'd adopted this little guy:

I'm lonely!  Take me home!

It's okay, though, because having feasting the eyes is sometimes enough.  And it was a feast.  Check out one of my favorite things about this mall: all the COLOR!


Wow.  Well, here's hoping you are also finding fun ways to keep cool this Summer, and please know I am not really going to stab myself in the eye.  At least not today.


  1. Where is this place? Love it! I must take my Mom when she's in town. And you are seriously cracking me up! We are going to be best buds, because we are so similar in many ways... and only moderately sarcastic... and on the brink of sanity more often than not. :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You have inspired me--I have got to plan a trip!!

  3. Yes! You both have to go! It is downtown Concord--check out their website for directions, but it is super easy: http://depotgibsonmill.com/

    And Kellye--yes, I have noticed you *might* be *mildly* sarcastic! Actually I haven't b/c I am so sarcastic all the time that I consider it a normal state of being. I get it from the Hubs. Sigh. What a bad influence he is!!!

  4. Michelle,

    I'm totally jealous! I live in the mid-atlantic and as far as I know we don't have anything that looks half as great as that place! Plus, my "big" trip out this week was to the department of motor vehicles, and you read how that turned out!

    aka DivineSecretsofaDomesticDiva.com

  5. Love your style chica! I'm always looking for new places to shop for decor. Gotta check this place out! Added you to my blog list :)

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    Susan--poor poor Susan at the DMV (although I am still chuckling!)

    Lyndsey--thanks! Fun seeing you around Bloggyland and hopefully in the real world again soon too!


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