Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fast Forward to Fall

Its still a billion degrees outside, and all my plants are dying because I cannot be in this heat for 3 seconds, let alone the hour it takes to water.  This combined with all the Back-to-School hype out there has me ready, and I mean really...really...REALLY ready for Fall.  Ready for this:

Mixed Leaf Wreath, 18"
Pottery Barn

And this:

Ready to see Biggest Boy in this:

Old Navy

And maybe even ready for this:

Martha Stewart

Well, maybe not *quite* ready for turkey, yet, but almost!  How about you--are you ready for Fall?


  1. You forgot football!! YES, OH YES I am definitely ready for the Fall and some lovely--tolerable-temperatures.

  2. Yes, I LOVE fall! It is my favorite time of year. Although I am headed on vacation to the beach this Saturday, but then I will definitely be ready for fall!

  3. I simply can not wait for Fall. My favorite time of year. And, with all the change in my life this past year it seams the change of leaves will be especially beautiful this year!

  4. Oh my, I *did* forget football! Bad Michelle!!! I loved Julie's comment too, because Fall always makes me thoughtful about change, too. I have been in a Summer mode for a few years now but I am thinking Fall is my favorite season, through and through.


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