Thursday, August 26, 2010


I know I'm about a zillion years late on the burlap trend, but I have really been digging it lately.  Maybe you saw my post about covering mats with burlap?  That's just the tip of the iceberg, my dears.  Here's a smattering of other ways burlap has crept into my home:

I got this lamp at a yard sale for $2 a few weeks ago.  Sanded down the shiny white paint, glazed it with some diluted acrylic paint, and covered the plain-jane shade with (what else?) burlap!

I am so cute now, don't ya think?

This is a little banner I made to liven up this display.  It is a little cutesier (is that a word?) then I usually get, but I loved making it and love that it references one of my favorite Biblical passages.

All the letters are iron-on transfers on (of course) burlap!  Those little wraps around the candles were super easy: iron-on transfers, hot glue and ribbon.  I love them.

Here's the close-up for ya.

And one of my all-time favorites, this cute stenciled pillow:

I made the stencils for this pillow the same exact way that I made the number stencils for my dresser do-over.    I painted right on the burlap using acrylic paint cut with fabric medium.  One note: if you are going to paint on burlap, make sure you have newspaper or something under your work area, because paint will really seep through the loose weave of the fabric.  

So, do you agree that burlap is too cute?  Or has the rest of the world has moved on already?  What do you think?

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