Friday, July 30, 2010

Mini Flower Arrangements

I like to think I am good at arranging flowers.  The reality: not so much.  I'll come home with perfectly decent store-bought flowers, brimming with grand visions of a hotel-worthy bouquet.  Cut to half an hour later, and there I am wishing I'd left them in cellophane because they looked better there than in my scraggly-looking arrangement.  It's ridiculous.  So let me tell you my favorite easy and cheap way to use flowers: mini arrangements!  Just stick one or two types of flowers in small, unique vessels, like this one:

Store-bought Mums in an old apple juice bottle.

Or these:
Roses and geraniums in a tiny galvanized pail.

This one is actually potted, but still "mini,"and succulents are so easy.

Here is the most recent: Queen Anne's Lace in a simple bud vase.  

It may be a common weed, but when your 3-year-old brings it to you just brimming with love and pride, it is suddenly the most beautiful flower of all time. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Wow! These are beautiful - now I need your next blog to break it down even more simply, like how to select them at Garden Ridge when there are 1,000's of choices.

  2. Precious! You know I love that succulent! Happy Friday, indeed:)


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