Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey Ladies!

So here I am, writing the very first post of my new blog, and ladies I am so excited!  For about two years now I have been itching for *something* to engage my brain, give me an outlet, help me meet others.  I have tried online communities and playdates, preschool gym classes and church groups.  I have met some great women in all these places, but honestly, I have been a little disappointed by how hard it all seems.  Hard to meet people, hard to make lasting connections, hard to share this crazy adventure I am on. 

See, this whole stay-at-home thing has been very different from what I expected.  I worked hard to get an education and worked hard out there, and when I decided to stay home with my first I thought it would be so easy.  I would always have a clean house, always get my workouts in, always look cute in my well-accessorized casual outfits.  My kids would eat healthy, wholesome foods and never throw tantrums in public.  

Rude awakening doesn't begin to describe it.  

Still, I love it.  And I know many of you out there do to...and like me, many of you also want a place to be both who you are now AND who you used to be.  A mommy, but also a person.  A short-order cook, but also a lover of fine food.  A mega-blocks builder, but also a creative human being with her own crafty projects in mind.  Well, I hope this can be a place for all that stuff, and I am looking forward to meeting you!


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  2. This is wonderful Michelle! I will look foward to your updates and maybe I will get to know you just a little more by reading your thoughts and funny kid stories (that I am sure of! : )
    I really do understand what you mean by not forgetting who you "used" to be before becoming a mommy. Trust me, I have cried tears over this issue. I think I am finally starting to accept this journey into motherhood. Our children are BIG blessings, even on those crazy, I want to "pull my hair out" kinda days ; )~


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