Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Music Room Reveal!

When we decided not to move, I immediately (like, that very minute) started thinking of all the things I would be changing in my house. So, within moments I returned to my vision of creating a musical family room.  (In case you're new here, it's been almost a year since I decided to turn my Dining Room into a Music Room, and my design dilemma was featured over at a Delightful Design).

Well, life happens.  My dining room had to return to its normal state when we listed our house, because potential buyers like dining rooms.  Having lived with it again, I've decided I love it and want to keep it. Not to mention, it is the perfect place to play with all those Legos Santa brought: gaze traveled across the foyer to my home office, and I realized it had to go.  No one ever went in there (we use another computer elsewhere and we got a wireless printer when our old printer broke).  Not to mention, the room was just too dark and cramped and ugh.  This is what it used to look like:

Wow.  What a terrible picture.  Sorry.  I took a decent "before" picture but it disappeared into Neverland or somewhere.  But you can see my old furnishings and the blue paint.
Anyhoo, here it is now:

My "helper."  If vomiting on the new rug counts as helping.  She thinks it does.

Our guitars hang to the right of the bookshelves.

Light, bright, and perfect for my family to play our musical instruments, board games, or just hang out.  We are in here so much more now, and it has become a lovely sitting room where we do actually sit!

As you can see, I painted the walls, got new curtains and a rug, and reupholstered my armless chair (my first drop cloth project!):

I painted the drop cloth for a vintage grain sack effect...

and used upholstery tacks in the back.
I also pulled together some of my favorite artwork to create that eclectic gallery wall:

"Complete" with empty frames waiting to be filled.
I have been waiting for years to hang that bullfighting poster, because I never had it framed.  Now here it is, simply pinned to my wall.  And I love it.  Found the horn at the thrift store for $3.

I used more drop cloth to create a skirt for the piano to hide various electronica:

Oh, I have a few more things to finish in here.  But for now it's done enough, and I'm loving it.

P.S.  Here are my resources:
Paint: Muslin by Sherwin-Williams
Curtains: Ikea
Rattan File Boxes: Ballard Designs
Ottoman: My Mother-in-Law (Thanks Meems!)

P.P.S.  Lovin' the Linky's at:
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  1. This looks WONDERFUL! I love the colors in the drapes, your gallery wall, and even the rug. I'm sorry your other room didn't work out but you've done a killer job on this one! Enjoy it. :-)

  2. You are so incredibly talented!! Such an amazing space!

  3. This is beautiful!!! Being such a fun of music myself I really love this room! The framed music on the wall, the details on the chair and piano! Love it! By the way... someone has a feature... *wink* Thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays! :)

  4. Wow-what a differencea color makes-love what you've done with the space! I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!


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